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Mirror Mound Assembly for Ceramic Tile


Besides manufacturing traditional moulds, we are paying special attention to design and manufacture complex moulds for ceramic tiles. For example the mirror mould is developed to meet some of our customer requirements of deeper tile patterns, which the upper good face punch is smooth and the lower isostatic punch is designed with deep patterns. This type of mould is recommended to make a tile with good face up and with spacer. There is no need to turn over the mould assembly while operating which saves much time and improves your production efficiency.

Our company is capable of designing and manufacturing mold assemblies for ceramic tiles according to specific customer needs. We are capable of producing a variety of specifications, including (mm) 200 x 400, and 140 x 280 in bleed patterns, 3D patterns, antique stone patterns, and more. These are external wall decorative tiles that are widely used in a number of locations, allowing our employees to gain great technical experience. The mold assembly is equipped with a wear resistant alloy liner, a spread and stick, wear resistant ceramic on the die box surface, and a dust cover to protect the machine when not in use, extending the service life up 50% longer than traditional molds. This mold punch uses the traditional high performance of an ordinary pressure rubber punch in order to ensure a non-stick powder is formed.

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