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Entering Mound Assembly for Ceramic Tile


Entering mould is a common ceramic mould, the upper good face punch (surface punch) is design with patterns and the lower isostatic punch has a smooth side. This entry punch mould is the die that is suitable for double-fired and single fired ceramic tiles and porcelain tile production, which includes wall tiles and floor tiles with polished or unpolished.

The mold assemblies for ceramic tiles manufacturing is one of the primary mould assembly types we produce in a wide array of specifications and varieties. The current, most popular market demand specifications are (mm): 300 x 300, 300 x 450, 300x 600, 400 x 800, and more. We have a number of years of experience, as well as customer feedback that has allowed us to grow and improve our technology to design and provide hundreds of color options to our customers in these different specifications. The mold assembly is equipped with a long life alloy liner which, and a stick wear resistant ceramic on the die box surface. After heat treatment to enhance the strength and hardness, deformation during usage is reduced. Install a dust leather cover on the outside of the mold assembly, and you’ll extend the service life of the machine.

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