Punches for Ceramic Mould Assembly

Punch is the most important component in ceramic moulds and divided into upper punch and lower punch, all of our punches are made of high-performance 45# steel (ASTM 1045). The upper punch usually presses the back side and the lower punch is for the front side which has the patterns. We offer isostatic punch, pressure rubber punch and exhaust punch for your choice based on different market demands.

    1. Cellular Isostatic Pressing PunchThe cellular isostatic pressing punch is an ideal choice in isostatic pressing applications, and can effectively reduce brick wastage, control the size of the materials pressed, and as it requires no oil, has a longer service life than other pressing punches.
    1. Slot Execution Isostatic PunchThe T flue profile isostatic pressing punch utilizes a pressure applied to various parts of the material's core, so that the molding brick's density is uniform, which avoids tile waste, and ensures the tile has an even flatness for easy installation.
    1. Oil Plate Isostatic Pressing PunchThe oil plate isostatic pressing punch is the newest result of extensive research and development of a patented product. The use of multiple layers within the punch press allows for different hardness levels in a colloid combination.
    1. According to customer ceramic tile types, we have developed 3 different types of supporting mold punch products with a service life that is longer than other similar products on the market today.
    1. Slot Exhaust PunchIt features an auxiliary powder exhaust function in the mold punch pressing tile process, thus reducing tile stratification and increasing the number of pressers per minute, enhancing the product rate and yield.
    1. Full Exhaust PunchThe full exhaust punch is an upgraded version of the slotted exhaust core punch. It is primarily used for small pressing applications, speeding up the process for manufacturers.

1. Our welding techniques and equipment improved the wear resistance and ductility of the punches.
2. The hardness of the rubber used on punches could be adjusted based on your production requirements.
3. Our punches have an average service life of 600,000-800,000 presses according to customer feedback.