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Full Exhaust Punch

Exhaust punch is mostly used on polished ceramic tile manufacturing and suitable as both upper and lower punch. To make a better polished ceramic tile, the semi-finished clay body needs to maintain low water absorption ability and good glossiness. It takes two presses for common punches to realize such results but it is a one-action job if you are using exhaust punch. The gas will be pushed out from the clay body easily because the exhaust punch is full of air holes and finishes the semi-finished ceramic tile in better quality.

    1. Slot Exhaust PunchIt features an auxiliary powder exhaust function in the mold punch pressing tile process, thus reducing tile stratification and increasing the number of pressers per minute, enhancing the product rate and yield.
    1. Full Exhaust PunchThe full exhaust punch is an upgraded version of the slotted exhaust core punch. It is primarily used for small pressing applications, speeding up the process for manufacturers.
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