Diamond Abrasive

Abrasive Block, Diamond Polishing Block, Rough Polishing Block

 Diamond abrasive block T2
Diamond abrasive block T2

The diamond abrasive block is widely used in automatic polishing lines for the production of polished ceramic tiles and quartz stone plates. They're most often used in rough and medium grinding, in place of ordinary polishing blocks. The diamond abrasive block is a cost effective, sharper tool, and features a stronger cutting force, a better wear resistance and a lower cost than traditional abrasive tools. Each one features a long service life, energy efficiency, outstanding grinding effect and numerous other advantages.

Specification Dimension Grit
T2 164x59x38 46#
164x59x38 60#
164x59x38 80#
164x59x38 100#
164x59x38 120#
164x59x38 150#
164x59x38 180#
164x59x38 240#
164x59x38 320#
164x59x38 400#
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