Kano Liquid Series

Nano Liquid A, Nano Oil Liquid B, Nano Aqueous Liquid B-X

 Nano liquid A
Nano liquid A

Nano Liquid A
Uses: This liquid is used to fill holes on the surface of ceramic tiles and enhance their brightness.
Features: Excellent dispersion, great hole filling effect, quick solidification, enhanced brightness and clear defect prevention

Nano Oily Liquid B
Uses: Defect prevention on ceramic tile surfaces
Features: Excellent dispersion, great flow properties, outstanding defect prevention performance and a low consumption
Weight: 150kg/bucket

Nano Aqueous Liquid B-X
Uses: Defect prevention for ceramic tile surfaces
Features: Non-toxic, no irritating smell, flame and explosion resistant, pollutant free, outstanding dispersion, impermeable and easy to transport
Weight: 200kg/bucket

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