Mould for Ceramic Tile

TXJ provides custom moulds for ceramic industry based on your specific requirements; we offer a great variety of mould specifications from 150mmX200mm to 800mmX1600mm used on all types of ceramic tile or porcelain tile manufacturing. Our moulds are suitable for all ceramic presses and have been used on brands like Sacmi, Litai, Keda and etc.

    1. Entering Mound AssemblyEntering mould is a common ceramic mould, the upper good face punch (surface punch) is design with patterns and the lower isostatic punch has a smooth side. This entry punch mould is the die that is suitable for double-fired and single fired ceramic tiles and porcelain tile production, which includes wall tiles and floor tiles with polished or unpolished.
    1. Mirror Mound Assembly Besides manufacturing traditional moulds, we are paying special attention to design and manufacture complex moulds for ceramic tiles. For example the mirror mould is developed to meet some of our customer requirements of deeper tile patterns, which the upper good face punch is smooth and the lower isostatic punch is designed with deep patterns.
    1. Double Mound AssemblyThis machine can reduce tile resistance due to the expansion of the stamping die, ultimately reducing deformation and damage to the tiles due to a mold that is too small.
Main components of ceramic mold assemblies:

Material for upper and lower punch: 45# Steel (ASTM 1045)
Long life liner: Made of wear resistant aluminum carbide materials, service life reaches 3 million punches.
Wear resistant die box: Barely wear out due to wear resistant material, no need to replace unless size change or misoperation according to our customer feedback.